Mobile Application




A photo app that would allow people to add Polynesian Tattoo designs and patterns to their photos and share it through social media channels, email, and sms.

Target Audience

After some research, we found that there are a lot of Polynesian, Filipino and Guamanian communities with access to smart phones that would like to promote their culture with a simple photo to other friends and family.


Researched other photo applications out in the market place. Used the lean start up method to create a full brand identity, including logo, icon and landing page to drive potential user to download the app on the app stores. Wireframed, created mock ups and prototypes. Tested them on various users and worked closely with developer to build a full product and application. The application was well received and generated 2000 downloads organically within the first month. I work on periodic releases for graphic packs for users that are both free and paid content. The app still gets downloaded everyday. 

Wireframes and Prototype

First concept always starts on paper or whiteboard, then I used illustrator to create wireframes. I used Marvel app which is a prototyping tool that is quick and easy to use. I used it to quickly test and validate the app with users and to give the developer a clearer idea of how the app would flow from screen to screen. It was also used to better understand interaction and demonstrate effects and animation. 

High Fidelity Mock Ups

I created a simple User Interface after prototype was validated by users. I worked remotely with the developer to make sure nothing got lost in translation.

Icon and Logotype

I designed the brand identity for the whole app. I created a style guide, website and logo. I used a play on a camera lense and a Tanoa - Kava Bowl tying the app and cultural aspects of the target audience all together.

App Landing Design and Development

I wireframed and designed a simple landing page in browser using Zurbs foundation 5 framework for quick development.

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